Mat Time Returns

For dedicated students or yoga teachers who want to deepen their practice by working on intermediate to advanced postures but are not sure where to begin. This extended group practice will provide a community of yoga enthusiasts to inspire you and urge you onward into more challenging postures.

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Two Years an Owner

I keep learning, growing, and being humbled by this role. It’s the right kinda work for me because it challenges me and rewards me in ways I’ve never experienced before. I am more than a decade into my commitment to this place, and much like any long term relationship, it evolves constantly.

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Kimberly Lomonaco

Every singular choice strings with others to create a distinct, complex, often beautiful fabric. When reflecting on life this way, your life becomes more meaningful and cohesive. I did not anticipate at the start of my study that I would make a profession of it. Now I am envisioning it becoming an integral part of my livelihood.

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