Working with Your Hands

Working with your hands is possibly the most satisfying work you can do. Highly innervated for all the complexities of the jobs they can do, your hands are a direct connection to your mind, and your heart.

I am learning that my hands relay my experience. Providing guiding touch while teaching yoga for over a decade, an off and on relationship with shaping clay into forms that are useful, raising a child with touch-based bonding, and now, manipulating tissues to provide relief to others, are some of the biggest jobs I have given them.

I find the more I work with my hands, the more adept I feel at tuning in, and bringing finesse to my work. My hope is this translates into meaningful connections with students, clients, and loved ones.

Thanks to Dragonfly Thai Yoga of Knoxville for this gorgeous batik from her trek to Thailand! Looking forward to our retreat to Thailand, happening January of 2020. Stay tuned for details…