I will be honest, I had to look up “involution” to be sure I was thinking of it correctly. Without seeing a definition, the word seems like a perfect fit for the feeling I get from my studies and practices. Friends and acquaintances often ask WHY I have pursed an additional professional training (Massage Therapy), when I am already credentialed and working in a few other areas (Speech Language Pathology and Yoga).

The answer is a combination of many things. I enjoy engaging in learning processes, perpetually. This is primarily fueled by curiosity, and an overall sense that this lifetime is limited, and I want to pursue many interests.

Another facet is that I believe if you dig deep enough, most fields are interconnected. So more than WHAT I am practicing, it is HOW . I can be a very attentive yoga teacher, an involved speech therapist, and/or an intuitive massage therapist. I am generally drawing from the same skill sets to formulate plans and implement them in collaboration with the student or client. As I study any one field, my skills in other areas evolve.

Lastly, this is a path to knowing myself better. I started my study of Thai Yoga Massage out of a deliberate desire to improve my hands on skills as a yoga teacher. Beyond weekend workshops on yoga adjustments, I hoped to find a philosophical framework for touch, and I was not disappointed. I put myself through multiple courses, covering broad to specialized content in this modality, and before I knew it, I had connected to the material in a manner that made me feel more anchored in myself, more inwardly aware. Thus, involution.

Every singular choice strings with others to create a distinct, complex, often beautiful fabric. When reflecting on life this way, your life becomes more meaningful and cohesive. I did not anticipate at the start of my study that I would make a profession of it. Now I am envisioning it becoming an integral part of my livelihood.

If you would like to know more about how I trained in Thai Massage, visit Kelly Scott’s site, Dragonfly Thai Yoga of Knoxville. Courses are offered all year round for therapists and anyone else who is interested. All courses are offered at the studio Kelly and I co-own, Glowing Body Yoga & Healing Arts.

If you would like to experience what Thai Yoga Massage feels like, snag one of my one-on-one sessions.

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