The Approach

Kim approaches bodywork as a means of being in deliberate relationship with yourself. Sessions are tailored to address your needs, including the holistic perspective that body, mind and spirit are inseparable. Expect her to create a session that addresses your aches and pains, with suggestions on how to carry over new movement patterns and self care techniques into your day-to-day life. Kim will use her understanding of movement and mindfulness in the therapeutic touch she offers, and will empower you to live better in your body.

Therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage

60 MINUTES $90 • 90 MINUTES $130 • 120 MINUTES $160

Compression, direct pressure, traction, assisted stretches, rocking, and kneading are skillfully applied to your body to address aches and pains, induce relaxation, and create a sense of wholeness. You remain clothed, and are positioned comfortably on a pad on the floor. She will use her hands, elbows, feet and knees as tools to tailor your session.

Foot & Neck Focus

60 MINUTES $90

A specialized Thai Yoga Massage session that addresses the polar ends of your body- your feet and your neck. These two areas are commonly neglected, yet commonly affected by day-to-day stress and demands. This session will leave you feeling grounded and refreshed.


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